What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation? Neuropsychological testing involves measuring your brain’s ability to perform specific functions such as paying attention, using language, and remembering. In contrast to CT or MRI scans, which show what your brain looks like, neuropsychological testing examines how well your brain works. The pattern of your performance on testing helps to:


-Determine how well your brain is functioning

-Inform a diagnosis

-Define strengths and weaknesses in your thinking abilities

-Make recommendations to your health care providers

-Determine of how ready you are to return to work 
-Make recommendations for Worker's Compensation

-Provide suggestions for accommodations at work or school

-Measure changes in your brain's functioning over time


Tests involve such things as answering questions, doing paper-and-pencil tasks, working with materials on a table, and using a computer. Specific tests selected for your examination may measure:


-Attention and processing speed

-Learning and memory

-Reasoning and problem solving


-Visual-spatial functions

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-Sensory and motor functions

-Academic skills

-Emotional functioning

How long will testing take
? This depends on the specific questions you have. Complete neuropyschological testing takes all day, while a brief screening takes 2 to 3 hours. Most evaluations take 6-7 hours, not including a break for lunch. There are many places to purchase lunch in the area,
or you may bring your own. First, I will spend some time talking with you about your medical history, personal history, and academic and occupational history. Then we will move on to testing for the rest of the day.

How will I find out about my results? After testing is complete, tests will be scored and a comprehensive neuropsychological report written. This report includes all relevant history (obtained during the initial interview and review of records), the results of testing, diagnosis, and recommendations. An in-person feedback session will be scheduled with you approximately one week after testing, in which the results of testing will be provided along with relevant recommendations. Also, with your permission I will send the results to the person who referred you.

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