What is your therapy approach?  As a Rehabilitation Psychologist, I utilize both behaviorally-oriented approaches (e.g., relaxation training for stress management and inducing a healing state, hope-based strategies to help you visualize, plan, and move toward valued goals) and a Gestalt-oriented approach to address actively constructing a more personally meaningful life despite obstacles. Using this individualized approach, we will explore ways you might more fully meet your emotional, spiritual, intellectual, sexual, and physical needs within current primary relationships and wider social, occupational, and cultural communities. Depending on your specific situation and needs, the following may be addressed:

·         Distress related to chronic illness or disability

·         Stress, anxiety, and difficulty adjusting to changed circumstances

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·         Negative feelings toward yourself

·         Depression or mood swings, irritability, anger

·         Loneliness, grief, loss

·         Problems with drugs or alcohol

·         Relationship or communication problems

·         Problems at work or school

·         Issues with sexuality or sexual identity


How long will therapy take
? This depends on what you hope to accomplish in therapy. For some people, a few sessions is sufficient. For others, long-term therapy is preferred. During your first session, we will discuss your goals and therapy options and develop a plan together to meet your needs. If your needs or situation change after therapy begins, we can modify this plan together.

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